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Ophthasiale – a comprehensive approach to cornea restoration

Ophthasiale – a comprehensive approach to cornea restoration

1 April 2020 | News

Corneal damage can happen for many reasons: injury, chemical or thermal burns, inflammation. However, the most common reason is getting a foreign body in the eye. Now the treatment of corneal damage has become more effective. Ukrainian pharmacies are now offering Ophthasiale eye drops. The drops are designed and manufactured by the Italian pharmaceutical company DMG Italia srl. This company specialises in the production of innovative drugs, medical remedies and supplements with added efficiency.

Ophthasiale contains dexpanthenol, hyaluronic acid, B6 and B12 vitamins and glycerylphosphorylcholine. Thanks to dexpanthenol the damaged cornea recovers faster, and hyaluronic acid moisturises and protects the surface of the eye, stabilising the lacrimal film. B6 and B12 vitamins and glycerolphosphorylcholine help to restore nerve endings, which prevents the development of long-term consequencies from injuries such as the sensing of a foreign body, discomfort and pain in the eye.

Advertisement for the medical remedy Ophthasiale eye drops. The product refers to a medical remedy. You should consult your doctor before usage and read the full usage instructions. Self-medication can be detrimental to your health. Manufacturer: Italdevice srl. Via Laurentina, km 26,700. Pomezia, Rome, Italy. Authorised representative: LLC "ARTERIUM LTD". Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, str. 139. Certificate of Compliance No. PR.224-19. Valid until 11/7/2024

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