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Arterium Corporation and its participant entities adhere to all of Ukraine’s laws and standards aimed at the rational use of natural resources and reducing the impact of industry on the environment. The company has an active environmental policy, which includes the following principles:

  • Adhering to legal requirements
  • Rational and economic use of natural resources
  • Openness and transparency
  • Sustainable development— economic growth that accounts for the ecological impact of its economic activities


During the planning and reconstruction of our production areas, we take into account and are guided by ecological concerns. Therefore we invest in energy-efficient and resource-efficient equipment, which prevents and minimizes the impact of our activities on the environment. We installed filtration equipment to minimize the level of emissions, and also plan to implement a transparent monitoring system to track our impact on the environment. Arterium’s production centers are contemporary production facilities with modern equipment and are GMP certified.


Green Office

Arterium’s offices are designed according to the principles of the Green Office. We’ve reduced the amount of paper used by implementing an electronic document sharing system. We no longer use plasticware; we favor video-conferencing to reduce employee travel; we’ve reduced the amount of paper used by printing on both sides; we recommend that employees turn off all networked computers and accessories at the end of the workday; we participate in eco-minded public activities; we collect waste for recycling.


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