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In its activities, Arterium follows the Ukrainian laws, norms and statutes that regulate business activity. The corporation and its participating entities also adhere to the laws of the countries where the company does business, along with international standards and norms.


Clinical Trial Ethics

Arterium guarantees that all patients/healthy volunteers who take part in clinical trials give their informed and voluntary consent to participate by signing a formal agreement. Before signing, the participant receives comprehensive information about the trial and the medicine, as well as answers from a research doctor to any questions that arise. Consent must be given by any patient/healthy volunteer before any procedures are performed.


Alternative Methods to Animal Testing

Arterium is introducing alternative quality control methods, which are used in the routine quality control of our products to minimize the impact of our activities on animals. Testing for pyrogens, which used to be done on rabbits, has now been replaced by performing an LAL-test for bacterial endotoxins. By 2020 the company plans to completely stop testing drugs on laboratory animals (mice) and switch to alternative testing methods.

Responsible Procurement

Arterium builds and maintains transparent and ethical relationships with all its partners on the basis of long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership. The corporation’s total procurement from partners all over the world exceeds 1 billion hryvnias per year. Arterium’s highest priority when procuring goods and services is quality. We maintain confidentiality during the tendering process and always create open and transparent conditions when choosing suppliers based on what brings the greatest added value to our company. Most of our tenders take place on the Internet resource, which is open to anyone. We inform all our partners about our system for selecting suppliers, which gives preference to partners with whom we have had a positive and long-lasting experience of cooperation. To minimize risk, we always maintain cooperation with several producers, even if they cannot offer the best prices for our company.


Arterium reviews all claims from clients regarding the quality of our drugs, and registers them. They may come from the State Service of Ukraine for Medicines and Drugs Control, doctors, distributors, medical representatives, or consumers. After registration, the claim is analyzed to determine whether the product is ours, whether the claim is valid, whether the drugs were taken according to the instructions, whether similar claims have been received before. After affirming the validity of the claim, we perform an internal investigation, checking archival samples when necessary to corroborate or reject the deviation. We always respond to the claimant. Every claim is a potential source for the improvement of our internal processes. For our company, this is not only ethical behavior toward our customers and partners, but an instrument for improving our processes and products.


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