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Arterium Corporation has almost 3000 employees. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success and the main factor ensuring that our company remains competitive. Development, motivation, and decent working conditions are Arterium’s priorities in personnel management.

56% Women

44% Men


Arterium’s Corporate University is in charge of the system of professional employee education. Employees’ professional training is continuous over the course of their employment in the company. To facilitate employees’ professional development, the Corporate University offers them the chance to raise their qualifications in the format of schools. Each school includes a number of training sessions aimed at developing necessary skills and competencies in a given area. At present the most popular annual schools are:

R&D school

Quality school

Craftsman school

Recruiter school

Logistics school

Corporate teacher school

Employee Benefits

Arterium Corporation provides its employees with all the social benefits guaranteed by law. In addition, the company offers a compensation package.

Medical Services

All employees have access to free health care in specially created up-to-date medical facilities.

Work Safety

Adhering to legal requirements is key in the area of work safety. In 2018, we modernized our workplaces so that employees could work in more comfortable conditions.



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