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Arterium develops partnerships with local communities in the regions where the corporation’s production facilities are located. In 2018 we implemented a number of projects to support these communities. One important area of focus is the young specialists who will make up the pharmaceutical field in this country in the future. Supporting them and investing in their development ensures the development of our professional field. Arterium takes pride in its volunteers: every year they take part in various events that benefit local communities. We continue to care about vulnerable populations, sponsoring organizations and creating opportunities for children with special needs to realize themselves.



Cooperation with Educational Institutions

The “Into the Future with Experience” program for students is still running. It aims to facilitate cooperation between companies and leading higher education institutions to increase the level of student specialists’ familiarity with the processes of pharmaceuticals production, to share experience, and to explain the theoretical and practical aspects of the pharmaceutical field. Arterium offered the educational institutions 28 topics for training sessions. Over the course of the year, Arterium’s specialists ran 19 training sessions at the Lviv Polytechnic National University and 11 at the D.Halytsky Lviv National Medical University. In 2018 nearly 900 students took part in the program.



Student Internships

In 2018, Arterium invited 79 students majoring in relevant fields at the following universities for internships: Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Banking University, Bukovinian State Medical University. The company signed 33 contracts with student specialists to prolong their internships.



Galychpharm Museum Tours

In 2018 the Museum of Galychpharm’s History was visited by schoolchildren (grades 1–11) from Lviv and the Lviv region; students from Lviv’s higher education institutions; doctors; teachers; representatives from Lviv city bodies. The total number of visitors was over 2000. Arterium employees act as museum tour guides. Visitors can learn how medicines used to be produced in ampules and tablets, and how they are produced today; they can listen to the story of how Galychpharm and the entire Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry were established. Children’s tours involve exciting chemistry experiments.



Znesinnia Park Maintenance

Arterium employee volunteers take part in an annual spring cleaning of the park’s territory, picking up trash and planting trees. In addition, the company provides financial support for the park’s maintenance. One result of this partnership with the park is Arterium Corporation’s “Health Route, built in 2013.



Corporate Volunteering

Panacea Drama Group In 2013, the Panacea Drama Group was created in Arterium on the initiative of the company volunteers. Its employee participants perform in theatrical shows on holidays and corporate celebrations, including Mother’s Day, International Children’s Day, New Year’s Day, and St.Nicholas Day. Audiences include current and former employees and their families, and also children from foster care in Lviv and Kyiv. In 2018 the Panacea Drama Group performed around 13 shows for children in boarding schools, foster care, and also for elderly nursing home residents in Lviv.

Bicycle Training for Children

Since 2011 Arterium has kept up the program “For a Healthy Lifestyle,” which promotes a healthy lifestyle and cycling as one form of physical activity. In summer 2018, company volunteers led bike training workshops for local children, called “Happy Starts.” This year around 850 people took part in four bike training workshops.

Children’s Theater Festival “Story in the Grove”

For several years Arterium has been supporting the children’s theater festival “Story in the Grove,” which is dedicated to International Children’s Day. The festival is organized by the NGO “Oberehy.” Every year the festival takes place outdoors. The event attracts thousands of young visitors and is interesting to people of all ages. The festival’s main idea is to create and support the environment for the development of youth theater groups, providing opportunities for young people to realize their creative potential, share experience and repertoire, and to land in a fairy-tale atmosphere in a magical place.



Philanthropy Sponsorship of Boarding School No. 8

Every year Arterium renews its sponsorship of Kyiv’s boarding school No. 8 for children with special needs. The schoolchildren have physical disabilities or developmental disorders. In 2018 Arterium also sponsored a renovation of the school children’s psychologist’s office. Previously, the company has funded a complete renovation of the school’s kitchen and dining room, sanitary areas, gym; replanning and renovation of its bathroom facilities; and a library renovation. People with Special Needs Arterium helped equip the sensory room in the Dzherelo Education and Rehabilitation Center. This is an educational-rehabilitation center where children with special needs can receive rehabilitation, educational and psychological support and assistance. The center’s educational programs serve children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, among others. The sensory room is outfitted with special development-rehabilitation equipment to comfortably and safely facilitate the development and physical activity of children with special needs. Every year Arterium sponsors the Caritas Lviv foundation’s workshop for young people with special needs.

Medical and Social Assistance

Every year all over the world more and more companies are forgoing buying holiday gifts for their partners, instead contributing that money to charity. This practice is in line with Arterium’s mission, so for the second year we have decided to help children undergoing treatment in the Cardiology Center. In 2018, on the day before Christmas, Arterium donated an ultrasound sensor to the Children’s Cardiology Center, which can be used to diagnose infants under 1 year old before surgery. Thanks to this sensor, the Center’s experts now have contemporary means to diagnose infants. Every year Arterium’s employees make donations to the patients of Lviv’s psychiatric clinic and to the residents of the local nursing home. In 2018, for Easter the company’s volunteers collected clothing for the clinic’s residents, and on St. Nicholas Day they gave orphan children sweets and toys. For several years, Arterium has been partnering with the Foundation. The foundation distributes medicines to vulnerable populations and to those who provide care and support, like orphanages, homes for the elderly, and volunteer organizations. Arterium also donates medicines to military hospitals and units. In 2018 the company donated almost $2.5 million worth of drugs.



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