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In our recruitment process, we put a lot of effort to attract specialists for our R&D, manufacturing, and commercial departments. We also value professionals in other fields such as finance, information technologies, and human resources management. Arterium Corporation is particularly interested in employing specialists with medical or pharmacy education and experience in pharmaceutical marketing. The company provides decent working conditions and social protection, including regularly paid salary, flexible incentive system, paid vacation in accordance with the applicable laws, and medical coverage.


Training and development

Our employees pass key competencies assessment every year. Based on its results, a dedicated development and training plan is created for each specialist. To support professional growth and career development of our staff, we have established the Corporate University. Corporate trainers hold training sessions for those determined to evolve and expand skills and competencies. Realizing that people is our most important and valuable asset, we support our employees and help them develop their talents.



understand and share
the company values
have high level
of motivation
are able to take responsibility
are qualified
are innovative
are committed
to self-improvement


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