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Responsible management of logistic and supply chain is indispensable for development of high-quality and safe medicinal products. Our relationships with suppliers are guided by the following principles.


We provide stakeholders with full access to information about the tender conditions. Prior to the start of trading, participants obtain terms and conditions of the tender. Trading results are valid for the conditions it was conducted under.


All stakeholders receive the same set of conditions in the form of tender documentation, which contains complete information regarding the requirements as to the products and services supplied, volume and terms of procurement, and assessment criteria. All new suppliers of primary feedstock and other materials undergo qualified audit, and regular suppliers undergo periodical audit.


The supplier selects a customer based on the tender committee’s collective decision. Our decision-making process is always transparent and accessible for all tenderers.


Requirements as to the products and services as well as tender procedures are fully compliant with the international business ethics standards, Ukrainian laws and national legislation of countries where we do our business. While holding a tender, we respect the rights of all its participants.


We are always available to consider new ways and methods of cooperation improving overall and mutual efficiency and opening new possibilities.


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