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Arterium received license to import drugs

26 May 2022 | News

The Arterium Corporation was inspected by the State Medical Service and received a license to import drugs. This allows the company to expand its scope of activity: now the Arterium Corporation can supply and sell in Ukraine drugs manufactured in other countries.

The importer of drugs is the guarantee of the quality of imported products. Before a foreign product enters the Ukrainian market it must obtain a permit for sale from the Import Authority. For its part, the importer guarantees:

• imported drugs are accompanied by the necessary documents and have passed controls by the State Customs Service and the State Medical Service of Ukraine

• imported drugs are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP)

• the importer controls the conditions of transportation and storage of drugs both during import to the territory of Ukraine, and during their further sale

Arterium has the necessary material and technical means, a professional team and adheres to the pharmaceutical quality system, which was confirmed by inspections of the State Medical Service of Ukraine.

“This is an important step for the Arterium team. We started preparing for it last year. For this, we have developed and implemented documentation on the importer’s quality control system, conducted self-inspections for compliance with licensing conditions, developed and implemented the necessary corrective actions. At the end of February, we expected an inspection by the State Medical Service of Ukraine, but the war produced adjustments to our plans. However, we continued to work and achieved our goal. In May, the Arterium Corporation received a license to import drugs,” commented Iryna Klyaznika, Arterium's Quality and Environmental Management Manager.

Arterium is engaged in wholesale sales of products under the Arterium trademark. The key areas of activity are the distribution and promotion of modern, effective, safe and high-quality medicines to ensure a healthy, longer and more productive life. The main producers of ArteriumTM products are Kyivmedpreparat and Halychpharm, which produce drugs according to GMP, HACCP and ISO 14001 quality standards. Kyivmedpreparat received a license to import drugs in 2013, and Halychpharm in 2015.

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