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New design for Tiocetam

New design for Tiocetam

6 January 2020 | News

Starting November, Tiocetam packaging has been transitioned to a new design that uses a different colour palette. The new design is inspired by the concept of Phoenix rebirth, and it's this bird that is featured on the packaging now. Arterium Corporation expects new packaging to resonate with its target audience and become a reminder that all things in the world need renewal, especially our brain's cognitive processes. Tiocetam exhibits nootropic, anti-ischaemic, antioxidant, and membrane-stabilizing action. The product can be used as a medication for cerebral-blood flow-related conditions due to atherosclerosis of brain blood vessels and cerebral blood circulation disorders, cerebral metabolism disorders due to craniocerebral injuries, and intoxications, as well as in ischaemic stroke rehabilitation.

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