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We help to improve people lives by making healthcare more accessible and developing innovative high-quality original and generic drugs that meet patients’ needs.

SATISFYING healthcare needs

To meet patients' needs, we are developing new products and improving the existing ones constantly. Since 2005, we have launched 130 new products, including pharmaceutical and dosage forms.

New medicinal products are developed in compliance with the Quality by Design principle. Clinical and pre-clinical studies are conducted as per GLP and GCP standards.

Patient Safety

Patients' health and safety are our main objective. We are constantly collecting feedback regarding the quality of our products and improving the process. Pharmacovigilance, Customer Relationship Management, and Reclamation Processing systems are the main feedback channels.

Counterfeit prevention

We develop original packaging difficult to reproduce, and are applying unique protective elements. These means of protection help us ensure our customers get only high quality products.


Active lifestyle

Projects promoting active and healthy lifestyle

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