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Arterium Corporation participates in 14th Pediatrics Congress

5 November 2019

In early October, the 14th Annual Pediatricians' Congress was held in Kyiv, among the major sponsors of which was Arterium Corporation.

This year, the event was attended by over 1,000 leading Ukrainian and foreign pediatricians. During the congress, the first-ever session on the issues of microbiome modification and the correlation between the microbiome changes and disease pathogenesis was held. On Arterium's invitation, the participants of the congress were joined by Valerio Damiani, an ENT doctor and Medical Department Coordinator with Italian pharmaceutical company DMG. Mr Damiani presented a couple of reports at the event.

In the first one, Mr Damiani covered nasal cavity microbiome management as a possible treatment and prophylaxis for recurrent infections of the respiratory tract. Specifically, he spoke about normalizing nasal cavity microbiome with Rinogermina an original nasal spray that helps substantially reduce bacterial complications of URTI/ILI, as well as indirectly diminishes the need for antibiotic treatment, which is especially important in the light of the struggle against the antibiotic resistance. 

The Italian specialists' second report was about the new understanding of allergic rhinitis pathogenesis and the role of HMGB1 nucleoprotein therein. Also, Mr Damiani presented to the medical community Narivent, an innovative nasal spray that exhibits strong anti-inflammatory effect and anti-edematous action. An alternative to hormonal nasal sprays, the product is absolutely safe for children and even pregnant women.

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