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Morsol Nasal Spray - breathe freely

20 February 2020

Morsol Nasal Spray line: Morsol for adults, Morsol for children and Morsol Extra of “Arterium” Corporation will appear in pharmacies of Ukraine at the end of February. The basis of all three products is Morshynska brine No.6. Brine is a healing solution, and a natural mineralized concentrate, which is extracted from Morshyn spring No.6. It is composed of natural sulphates of magnesium, potassium and sodium chloride.

Sulphates help restoring natural protective barrier of the mucous membrane and also relieve swelling.

Morsol spray is used for daily nasal hygiene, nasal congestion, colds, hypertrophy and inflammation of the adenoids in children, in complex therapy for allergic and year-round rhinitis, as well as

in the postoperative period after surgery in the nasal cavity.

The advantages of using Morsol for children is providing a soft and careful cleansing of the mucous membrane due to the microdiffusion spraying of the solution, the nozzle for children has a special limiter that prevents injury to baby noses. And thanks to modern Bag-on-Valve packing technology, the spray can be sprayed at any angle, even when rotated at 360 degrees.

The difference of Morsol Extra spray is that it includes chamomile and aloe extracts, which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Self-medication can be harmful to your health. Consult a doctor before usage. Manufacturer: JSC Galichfarm,Ukraine, 01032. The information about Morsol medical product is published in short, full information about Morsol medical product is published in the usage instructions of Morsol.

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