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Umastar – double protection for the surface of the eye

Umastar – double protection for the surface of the eye

1 April 2020 | News

The Arterium Corporation has introduced a new product – Umastar eye drops which are used for “dry eye” disease as a replacement for tears. According to ophthalmologists, almost every fifth adult on the planet suffers from this disease with a tendency to increase its prevalence. Umastar is designed and manufactured by the pharmaceutical company DMG Italia srl. This is an Italian company specialised in the production of innovative medicines, medical products and dietary supplements. The Arterium Corporation and DMG Italia srl. have entered into a partnership agreement to expand resources to meet the needs of both physicians and patients through the introduction of innovative approaches and top quality drugs. 

Umastar offers a unique combination of its main components: carboxymethyl β-glucan and transversely crosslinked hyaluronic acid.  Carboxymethyl β-glucan is an antioxidant and helps the inactivation of free radicals that accumulate in the lacrimal film as a result of the negative effect of various factors on the eye. These factors can be climatic influences, eye strain, chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases and others. The second component of Umastar is transversley crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It enhances the elasticity of the lacrimal film and its thickness, giving it greater stability and reducing evaporation of the lacrimal fluid.

Advertisement for the medical remedy Umasar eye drops. The product refers to a medical remedy. You should consult your doctor before usage and read the full usage instructions. Self-medication can be detrimental to your health. Manufacturer: Italdevice srl. Via Laurentina, km 26,700. Pomezia, Rome, Italy. Authorised representative: LLC "ARTERIUM LTD". Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, str. 139. Certificate of Compliance No. PR.224-19. Valid until 11/7/2024

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