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Top cardiologists talk about Arterium Corporation’s drugs

Top cardiologists talk about Arterium Corporation’s drugs

16 October 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation was the General Partner of the 19th National Cardiology Congress of Ukraine that was held in Kyiv this past September. As a part of the event, Arterium Corporation presented its new original medicinal product Antares and held two satellite symposiums on the treatment of hypertension, chronic heart failure, and ischemic heart disease.

During one of those, prof. Oleg Zharinov gave a talk on the current approaches in the treatment of heart failure patients and the role of alpha- and beta-blockers therein (including Corvasan). He focused on the most recent recommendations for the use of alpha- and beta-blockers, e.g. early administration, reaching the target dosage, and preference for carvedilol (which is the active ingredient of Corvasan). Prof. Yuriy Sirenko talked about the opportunities in hypertension therapy opened by Casark as a drug of a new class. Remaining effective for up to 36 hours, Casark helps safeguard hypertension patients against possible cardiovascular accidents in the morning. Dr. habil. med. Ganna Radchenko covered the nuances of angiotensin receptor blockers (ABR) application in the treatment of arterial hypertension, as well as their advantages as compared to other drug classes. In their presentation about the current aspects of cardioprotection, prof. Yuriy Sirenko and prof. Viktor Tashchuk introduced Arterium Corporation’s new original drug, drawing on the examples from their clinical trials. “With Antares, we managed to effectively treat ischaemic heart disease (IHD) and stable exertional angina specifically over the minimum inpatient treatment time,” prof. Viktor Tashchuk pointed out, emphasizing that “Over the two weeks of Antares administration as a part of combined therapy, 8 out of 10 IHD patients suffering from stable exertional angina showed improving exercise tolerance, in 5 out of 10 cases anginal attacks became half as frequent, and 60% of patients reported decreased dependence on nitrates.” Cardiologists, general practitioners, and family doctors met the new product with great interest and found out the details about its properties, efficiency, and trial results.

The National Cardiology Congress of Ukraine is the largest conference that brings together top researchers in cardiology and healthcare. Over the three days of the event, over 1,300 cardiologist, general practitioners, and family doctors looked more closely at Arterium Corporation’s cardiology products: Renial, Corvasan, Casark, and the all-new Antares. Arterium Corporation supports the Congress as a General Partner annually.



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