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Thiocetam forte has changed its packaging

Thiocetam forte has changed its packaging

16 December 2020 | News

Since November, Thiocetam forte, the drug from the neurological portfolio of Arterium, is available in a new primary packaging. The tablets are now packaged in an ALU/ALU blister and the drug is available in a 30mg instead of a 60mg dosage. The active pharmaceutical ingredient included in the drug has hygroscopic properties. It was necessary to change the type of primary packaging to prevent the penetration of atmospheric moisture and oxygen into the blister during shelf life.According to scientific data, ALU/ALU packaging has the best barrier properties and protects the product from atmospheric moisture, gases and light penetration. This allows the product to retain its medicinal properties throughout shelf life. In addition to changes in the original packaging, the colour of the tablets has changed. Now Thiocetam forte tablets now have a white coating whereas they used to be yellow.

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