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Terso – an alternative to saline decongestant eye drops

Terso – an alternative to saline decongestant eye drops

23 April 2020 | News

The Arterium Corporation has introduced a product to prevent corneal edema: Terso drops. This product is designed and manufactured by the Italian pharmaceutical company DMG Italia srl. The company specialises in the production of innovative medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements. According to WHO statistics, one in ten patients with ophthalmic problems suffers from corneal edema. Often, after surgery on the eye, including laser vision correction, corneal edema starts to develop. The cornea is a unique part of the eye – it has high transparency and strong refractive power which provides two-thirds of the optical power of the eye. In everyday life, edema can be caused by excessive contact lens usage. With edema, the cornea loses its transparency and becomes cloudy which leads to decreased vision. Terso drops consist of a combination of the main active components: mannitol and hyaluronic acid. Due to osmotic action, mannitol removes excess fluid from the cornea, thereby quickly eradicates edema. Hyaluronic acid prolongs the action of mannitol and stabilises the tear film. Unlike saline solutions, mannitol does not have an irritating effect. Therefore, a person does not feel burning and discomfort when using Terso.

Advertisement for the medical remedy Terso eye drops. You should consult your doctor before usage and read the full usage instructions. Self-medication can be detrimental to your health. Manufacturer: Italdevice srl. Via Laurentina, km 26,700. Pomezia, Rome, Italy. Authorised representative: LLC "ARTERIUM LTD". Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, str. 139. Certificate of Compliance No. PR.224-19. Valid until 11/7/2024

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