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Skinguard – a unique veterinary product for animals

Skinguard – a unique veterinary product for animals

19 January 2021 | News

Pet owners often deal with pets’ skin conditions. The reasons for such problems can be different: bad diet, violations of the care and maintenance recommendations, infectious diseases, and others. With fungal dermatitis, the skin is damaged and its protective functions are reduced – a layering of the secondary bacterial flora occurs. Dermatitis not only brings discomfort to the animal but can also be contagious to other animals and people. It is very important to find the right treatment and start it as early as possible.

The Arterium Corporation has presented a new veterinary drug for the Ukrainian market – Skinguard. This is a spray for the treatment of fungal-bacterial dermatitis.

Skinguard contains two active ingredients: chlorhexidine 2% and ketoconazole 1%. Ketoconazole has an antifungal effect, and chlorhexidine has a high antimicrobial activity, acting on the causative agents of bacterial dermatitis. The combination of active ingredients in such a concentration allows you to fight fungal-bacterial dermatitis effectively in one course of treatment, thus avoiding side effects such as skin dryness, which therefore contributes to fast recovery. Skinguard contains auxiliary substances: glycerine, lanolin, aloe juice which softens the skin and accelerates the regeneration processes. 

Skinguard is a unique drug for Ukraine. Veterinary drugs with chlorhexidine and ketoconazole in this concentration and application form have not yet been presented in Ukraine.

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