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Sevelamer hydrochloride now in Arterium Corporation’s portfolio

28 May 2019 | News

Arterium Corporation has launched a new product (substance) for hyperphosphatemia medication manufacturing – Sevelamer hydrochloride. The condition it helps treat is a potentially deadly electrolyte disorder characterized by the build-up of calcium and phosphorus in blood vessels, soft tissues, and heart valves.

“Patients suffering from hyperphosphatemia need to keep their phosphate level in blood serum within 0.81–1.45 mmol/l, and those undergoing dialysis – to return their phosphate level to normal. In such cases, doctors prescribe a low-phosphate diet. However, the diet alone is not a solution to the problem, so dialysis often needs to be combined with the administration of phosphate-binders (the drugs that bind phosphorus from the intestine walls). Sevelamer hydrochloride from Arterium Corporation shows great phosphorus-binding properties without any toxic effects and has a good tolerability profile.” – Arterium’s Product Development Manager Viktoriya Yovenko said.

Arterium Corporation distributes sevelamer hydrochloride substance through RUAN pharmacy chain and Pharmacy No. 49 in Lviv as a prescription drug.

 This information is provided for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only and shall be used only in relevant professional activities. The information given here is abridged. For full information about sevelamer hydrochloride, refer to its instruction for medical use. This website is a specialised publication intended for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only.

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