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Sagrada – the first drug with the prasugrel molecule in Ukraine

Sagrada – the first drug with the prasugrel molecule in Ukraine

22 January 2021 | News

The cardiological portfolio of Arterium medicines has been supplemented with Sagrada – a unique drug for Ukraine. This drug is the first in Ukraine to contain the prasugrel molecule. Prasugrel is well known in the United States, Europe, and Japan where it is widely used to prevent thrombosis in patients who have undergone coronary artery stenting for acute coronary syndrome. The appearance of blood clots in these patients can lead not only to recurrent heart attacks but also death and therefore such patients need long-term treatment. Most often they are prescribed acetylsalicylic acid and clopidogrel for one year. However, prasugrel has shown its superior efficacy over clopidogrel. This is why the European Society of Cardiology Recommendations and the Ukrainian national recommendations offer such patients prasugrel as a first choice and, only in its absence or intolerance, clopidogrel. Until now, patients in Ukraine have received mainly clopidogrel. With the introduction of Sagrada they have the opportunity to receive a modern drug with superior effectiveness and live an active life under the protection of Sagrada.Sagrada is a generic drug with proven efficacy which is confirmed by a clinical study of bioequivalence with respect to the original drug Efient®, 10mg. For TM “Arterium” Sagrada is manufactured by the Spanish pharmaceutical company Lesvi Lab.

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