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Pen-Herpevir®—a new solution to herpes labialis problem

30 July 2019 | News

Arterium Corporation has presented Pen-Herpevir®, a new anti-herpes cream. The product has penciclovir molecule in its composition to effectively target even aciclovir-resistant strains of herpes simplex. The anti-microbial action of Pen-Herpevir® kicks in just 1 minute after application*. Pen-Herpevir® effectively treats all stages of herpes, even after the appearance of papules and blisters. With Pen-Herpevir®, the healing period can be reduced to 4 days. In addition, it reduces pain and quickens exfoliation of scabs formed on the lips during herpes.

*Vere Hodge R. A., Perkins R. M. Mode of action of 9 - (4 hydroxy-3 hydroxymethylbut-1 yl) guanine (BRL 39123) against herpes simplex virus in MRC-5 cells // Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1989; 33: 223–229.

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