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New product from Arterium – Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray has entered the market of Ukraine

New product from Arterium – Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray has entered the market of Ukraine

12 January 2024 | News

Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray is a new medicine in the Arterium product line, which is applied to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity or throat. This product is the first in a similar dosage form among products from Arterium TM.

Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray is intended for the treatment of diseases of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract. The product contains a combination of extracts of eucalyptus leaves and sage. These are plant extracts containing biologically active substances of a wide spectrum of action with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, the product will help patients relieve the symptoms of throat itching and irritation, pain and a burning sensation during swallowing.


The entire production cycle of the Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray product takes place at facilities of Galychpharm, which specializes in the production of plant-based products. This year, as part of inspection by the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Certification, Galychpharm confirmed that the design and development process of Chlorophyllipt Arterium Phytospray, as well as the quality management system at the stages of development, production and final inspection of the medical product, are carried out in accordance with the technical regulations on medical products, approved by Resolution of the CMU No. 753 dated 2 October 2013.


Advertisement of the medicine. The information is given in an abbreviated form, the full information is given in the instructions for use of CHLOROPHYLLIPT ARTERIUM PHYTOSPRAY, Certificate No. UA.DE.201-23 dated 4 September 2023, valid until 3 September 2028. Before using the medicine, it is necessary to read the full instructions for use. Manufacturer: Galychpharm JSC, Ukraine, 79024, Lviv, 6/8 Opryshkivska St.

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