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Manufacturers of Arterium products have confirmed compliance with HACCP requirements

21 June 2022 | News

Pharmaceutical plants Kyivmedpreparat and Halychpharm, which produce products for ArteriumTM, have been inspected for compliance with HACCP* standards for the possibility of producing dietary supplements. The inspection was conducted by specialists of the UKRMETRTESTSTANDART enterprise. This confirms that Arterium dietary supplements are produced to the highest quality standards, which means they are safe for human health.

“Product safety is the key indicator of its quality. It is important to adhere to state quality standards at every stage of production, as product safety can be affected by many factors: occupational hygiene, compliance with sanitary standards in production facilities, clean equipment and transport, proper waste management. During the inspection, UKRMETRTESTSTANDART confirmed compliance with HACCP standards at all stages of ArteriumTM dietary supplements: development, production, control, storage and distribution,” said Olga Tkach, head of the quality assurance team at Halychpharm.

Natalia Khytra, head of the Kyivmedpreparat quality assurance team, said that this inspection was a remarkable experience for her company. “We have confirmed that the conditions for the production of dietary supplements at Kyivmedpreparat are not lower than GMP requirements, and in some cases even higher. Thanks to the professionalism of our employees, Kyivmedpreparat passed the inspection without any remarks.”

The Arterium Corporation is engaged in wholesale sales ArteriumTM products. The key areas of activity are the distribution and promotion of modern, effective, safe and high-quality medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements to ensure a healthy, long and more productive life. The Arterium portfolio includes 164 generic and original medicines. About 15 of them are dietary supplements. The main producers of ArteriumTM products are Kyivmedpreparat and Halychpharm.

*HACCP – a system of risk analysis, hazards and control of critical points, which ensures the production of safe food for human health.

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