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Larytylen grants relief from sore throat

Larytylen grants relief from sore throat

6 August 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation has added a new medicinal product to its portfolio − Larytylen. The new addition is a dual-action drug for the treatment of acute inflammatory conditions of the throat in adults and children over 4 years. The sore, dry, irritated, or itchy throat is among the most common complaints ENT doctors and paediatricians hear. The symptoms are unpleasant, may make speaking and eating difficult, and imply inflammatory states.

Larytylen is a combined drug with optimally dosed antiseptic and anaesthetic components. The antiseptic kills most throat pathogens, reducing inflammation and its manifestations: redness, soreness, and itchiness. Meanwhile, the anaesthetic relieves pain as soon as the drug is taken. Produced in the form of lozenges, Larytylen comes in three flavours: mint, minty lemon, and minty raspberry. “As a pharmaceutical form, lozenges are great to gradually release the drug’s active ingredients and keep them longer on the mucosa, thereby extending the effect,” Arterium’s Product Development Manager Iryna Oliynyk commented. “Besides, the patient has a variety of flavours to choose from.”


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