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Emofix: a haemostatic ointment with no equivalent in Ukraine

Emofix: a haemostatic ointment with no equivalent in Ukraine

22 September 2021 | News

The pharmaceutical company “Arterium” is presenting to its patients a haemostatic ointment – Emofix. This medical remedy acts as a barrier and is designed to stop and prevent bleeding caused by damage to the skin and bleeding from the mucous membranes such as small nosebleeds and wounds on the skin. It contains a mixture of saturated fatty acids, collagen, potassium and magnesium chloride, along with phosphatidylcholine to help stem blood on the surface of the wound or nosebleeds in minutes. Emofix acts exclusively locally, without affecting the body’s immune response. It is approved for use by pregnant women and children from one year old. Emofix will be especially needed for people of older age groups, because their mucous membrane becomes thinner and more vulnerable. It will also be useful for nosebleeds in children. Often when playing children injure blood vessels in the Kiesselbach area, a plexus in the front of the nasal septum that causes bleeding. Applying Emofix at home will be comfortable, thanks to the soft tip which is included in the set.

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