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Arterium talks proper use of antibiotics

Arterium talks proper use of antibiotics

23 November 2018 | News

On the occasion of the World Antibiotics Awareness Week, Arterium Corporation has launched a number of social projects, using videos, articles, and studies alike to raise awareness and help make the antibiotics use safer.

So, why adhere to the rules for antibiotics use, and what happens if you don’t? What is antibiotic resistance, and why is it dangerous? These questions and many others related to the safe use of antibiotics are covered in Arterium’s expert advice video series. “Nowadays, people increasingly rely on the self-medication advice from the Internet and friends. However, we should keep in mind that even though the patient may get a general idea of the drug’s effects from its instructions posted on the web, only a doctor can see the big picture of drug interaction and effect in each individual case,” said Lidiia Bolotskykh, Product Portfolio Manager with the Antibiotic Development Department, “Antibiotic treatment should be prescribed carefully and responsibly so as not to harm the patient, especially since one of the most responsible consumer categories taking interest in antibiotics are parents of infants. To answer the most frequently asked questions of our moms, we have invited a leading expert in antibiotic therapy – Prof. M. Selyuk. Hopefully, this initiative will resonate with consumers and help them avoid the most common mistakes when it comes to antibiotics.”

The expert advice videos are available on Arterium Corporation’s official YouTube channel.


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