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Arterium supports the laboratory centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Arterium supports the laboratory centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

20 July 2020 | News

The Arterium Corporation, within the framework of the Covid-19 fund, has donated eight-channel pipette dispensers and computer equipment to the Kyiv City Laboratory Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Laboratory Centre receives more than 500 tests for coronavirus infection from Kyiv and the surrounding region daily. Calibrated pipette dispensers allow for the preparation of biomaterial samples and reagents for high-quality PCR testing ten times faster and more efficiently. “It is important that, compared to the single-channel pipettes currently used in the laboratory, the new eight-channel pipettes are more accurate and allow for faster testing. The result of the testing influences the decision on the need for patient hospitalisation or self-isolation (and also for people in contact with them) and the choice of an appropriate treatment,” commented Tatiana Savelyeva, head of the laboratory centre. The computer equipment that Arterium has donated to the laboratory centre will facilitate the process of office work and administrative and management activities, which will thus positively affect the quality of the PCR research process, documenting and analysing the results of these studies. Previously, the Arterium Corporation transferred a low-temperature medical freezer to the laboratory centre of the Ministry of Health, increasing the laboratory’s capacity for storing analysed samples of nucleic acids, tissues and cells. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Arterium opened a financing programme to the tune of 12 million hryvnias, under which 25 medical institutions have already received 33,000 units of personal protective equipment, more than 24,000 packages of medicines and 17 pieces of equipment. In the near future Arterium plans to transfer an additional 16,000 units of personal protective equipment and 15 units of equipment.

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