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Arterium to supply innovative Japanese wound dressings to Ukraine

Arterium to supply innovative Japanese wound dressings to Ukraine

11 May 2021 | News

By the end of the summer 2021, Arterium will start supplying an innovative medical product from Japan to Ukraine – Novoskin wound dressings. They are manufactured by ZUIKO MEDICAL CORPORATION*, which has 15 years of experience in this segment.

Currently, the medical product is already certified for the Ukrainian market. Due to the bandage sterility, the conformity assessment procedure includes an online audit of the production sites. As a result, Ukrainian consumers have gained access to another new high-quality and innovative medical product.

Novoskin is a bandage for healing complex open wounds: burns, animal bites, surgical wounds. The bandage consists of three layers: barrier, absorbent and permeable. This promotes faster and less painful wound healing due to constant hydration.

After an injury, the human body produces exudate, a fluid on the surface of the wound that promotes healing. Novoskin’s barrier layer prevents exudate from leaking out. If there isn’t enough of the barrier, the bandage does not absorb fluid but moisturises the wound. If there is too much, it absorbs the excess. This process is important because if there is not enough fluid with biologically active substances the cells grow slowly, the wound dries out and scars are formed. When there is a lot of it an additional infection occurs and inflammatory processes appear.

When injured, people usually disinfect the wound and apply a gauze bandage. This dries the wound, leading to scarring and prolonged healing. Therefore, Novoskin will be an alternative to dry wound treatment for Ukrainians.

* ZUIKO MEDICAL CORPORATION is a subsidiary of the ZUIKO CORPORATION, which specialises in the manufacturing and supply of dressings and materials for the dressing and care of wounds including Plus moist bandages. This is the original name of Novoskin. ZUIKO CORPORATION –  the world’s leading manufacturer of machines producing baby and adult diapers and feminine hygiene products. The corporation also manufactures machines that use an absorbent polymer.

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