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Arterium provides assistance to the hero city of Bucha

13 May 2022 | News

The Arterium pharmaceutical company has supported residents of the hero city of Bucha, which is located near Kyiv and was liberated from Russian occupation just over a month ago. The Bucha Primary Health Care Center received more than 1,200 units of vital medicines for a total of UAH102,000: antispasmodics, capillary stabilisers and antimicrobials, medicines for people suffering from coronary heart disease.

“We sympathise with the people who went through the hell of war and are forced to help start their lives from scratch and to restore vital infrastructure. We understand the tremendous work that doctors are now doing to help the people of Bucha every day, and so we are supporting them. It is very important now to unite and help each other,” – said Oksana Stefanova, head of public relations at Arterium.

From the first days of the war, Arterium has been providing charitable assistance to military and medical institutions. As of the 77th day of the war, the company has handed over more than 600,000 units of Arterium medicines worth a total of UAH25 million.

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