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Arterium Corporation presents new veterinary drug Imidopiran

Arterium Corporation presents new veterinary drug Imidopiran

19 October 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation has enhanced its portfolio with a new veterinary product—Imidopiran. The new drug is used in the treatment and prophylaxis of parasitic blood diseases and babesiosis specifically. Dog babesiosis is a seasonal disease spread by Babesia blood parasites, which Ixodes scapularis ticks carry. Your dog can get infected with babesiosis via a tick bite in a forest or a park. The risk of tick-borne infection peaks in spring and autumn. If left untreated, this parasitic infection may result in a fatal outcome in 80% of cases.
During clinical trials, Imidopiran showed 100% effectiveness in the treatment of dog babesiosis and was well-tolerated by the animals. Imidopiran is available as a solution for injection, 10 ampoules of 2 ml per a carton.
So, if you spot a tick on your dog or find your pet has a fever, overall fatigue, and bilious mucosa—consult a veterinarian at once. Timely and effective treatment will help safeguard your pet from bad after-effects of the disease or lethal outcome.
For more information about Imidopiran, see its instruction for medical use.
Drug Registration Certificate AB-05546-01-14 dd. 27.07.2018.

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