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Arterium Corporation presents new original cardiovascular drug

Arterium Corporation presents new original cardiovascular drug

9 October 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation has launched a new original cardiovascular drug – Antares®. Its presentation for healthcare professionals was held at the 19th National Cardiology Congress, the largest event of its kind held in Ukraine.

Cardiologists, general practitioners, and family doctors met the new cardiovascular product with great interest. Antares® helps effectively treat ischaemic heart disease (IHD) – and stable exertional angina specifically – over the minimum inpatient treatment time. Antares® contains 50 mg of tiazotic acid morpholinium salt per 1 mg of solution for injection. It is exactly this concentration of the active ingredient that has been proved effective during the clinical trial*. Over the two weeks of Antares® administration as a part of combined therapy, 8 out of 10 IHD patients suffering from stable exertional angina showed improving exercise tolerance, anginal attacks became half as frequent, and 60% of the patients reported decreased dependence on nitrates. “The advent of Antares® – a new and efficient drug – is a response to the demands of our time, IHD rates remaining quite high among the population,” said Olga Ziver, Head of Arterium’s Cardiovascular Drug Development. “Now every patient suffering from this condition, and we have over 3 million of those in Ukraine, has a means of improving their quality of life by relieving IHD symptoms.”

*Trial code: TITAN. Trial protocol ver. 1.0 dd. 17.03.2016.

**Arterium Corporation – Arterium Corporation itself and its parts OJSC Kievmedpreparat and OJSC Galychpharm. This information is intended for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only and shall be used only in relevant professional activities. The data given here is abridged. For full information about the medicinal product, refer to its instructions for medical use. This website is a specialised publication intended for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only.


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