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Arterium Corporation presents Hepametion in new form

Arterium Corporation presents Hepametion in new form

22 November 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation has made its dietary supplement Hepametion available in the form of tablets. The product is a follow-up to Hepametion solution for injection. It is intended as a prescription dietary supplement—an additional source of ademetionine amino acid that helps improve the patient’s condition overall, eliminate the deficit of endogenic S-adenosyl-L-methionine and improve synthesis thereof, as well as boost protein and lipid metabolism. Ademetionine promotes functional recovery of liver’s weakened cells and improves its resistance to harmful effects of alcohol, environmental factors, viruses, bacteria, medications, and toxic substances. In the form of sublingual tablets, Hepametion will provide faster delivery of ademetionine directly into bloodstream.
The drug is supplied in the form of sublingual tablets No. 10 in a blister.

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