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Arterium Corporation helps create antimicrobial resistance map of Ukraine

Arterium Corporation helps create antimicrobial resistance map of Ukraine

16 November 2018 | News

Arterium Corporation, a leading Ukrainian antibiotics producer, has launched a major antimicrobial resistance study. During the study, microbiological passports* for hospital departments from all over Ukraine will be compiled to create an Antimicrobial Resistance Map. Forty centres in total will participate. “With the passports, doctors will be able to choose the most effective antimicrobial drugs for the treatment of patients suffering from healthcare-associated infections, severe ones first and foremost. A microbiological passport would enable the doctor to prescribe effective and rational antimicrobial therapy to save the patient from a life-threatening infection,” Arterium’s Director for Antimicrobial Drug Development Maxim Verbilov explained.
The problem of antimicrobial resistance of pathogenic micro-organisms has become an increasingly pressing problem worldwide as of late. International organisations are closely watching the situation. Pathogen monitoring is underway in hospital departments worldwide and the data collected is published in the WHO annual report.
Microbiological studies under the projects will be conducted as per the European (EUCAST) and US (CLSI) standards in cooperation with the Institute of Microbiology Studies (IMD). Results of the study will be presented as statistically-valid conclusions. The study will continue for over a year.
* A document that holds data on the sensitivity of micro-organisms to various antimicrobial drugs.

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