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“SVOI” Charitable Foundation Receives Assistance from Arterium

7 May 2021 | News

Oxygen is vital for many of those who are struggling with the effects of severe COVID-19 even after they are discharged from hospital. For the most part, such patients need oxygen concentrators which concentrate oxygen from the air. Patients with affected lungs and low saturation can breathe only thanks to highly concentrated oxygen.

During the last year, “SVOI” Charitable Foundation has been distributing daily free of charge up to 50 oxygen concentrators to patients in Kyiv and in other regions. Such a device costs about 15,00 to 30,000 hryvnia. "SVOI" gives these concentrators to patients who are in hospitals and to discharged patients. In the last month alone, the foundation's work has saved the lives of over 750 patients.

On average, the concentrator is used for about two to three weeks. Every day "SVOI" receives dozens of calls asking for help. Therefore, the need to replenish the stock of devices is constant. Entrepreneurs and people who care help by transferring funds for their purchase. Volunteers of the fund buy concentrators at their own expense, too.

Arterium is also sending out help. This week, the company donated fifty 10-litre single-stream concentrators worth more than one million hryvnia. Their manufacturer, Olive Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., is certified according to European CE compliance standards. Such concentrators are mostly provided for temporary use by the Foundation. The Arterium team managed to organise assistance for the fund in just one week.

Arterium supported SVOI Charitable Foundation as part of a funding program to combat COVID-19, which the company opened at the beginning of the pandemic. Twelve million hryvnia has been invested in the program to provide assistance to medical institutions and to implement actions to prevent and combat the disease, provide medicines and support health care workers. Arterium handed over to hospitals more than 40,000 units of protective equipment and nearly 24,000 packages of drugs used to fight COVID-19.


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