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Dia DOG & cat

How supplied: Chewable tablets

Vegetable co-product, sugar, meat co-product, mineral nutrients, milk and dairy products, fish and fish co-products, eggs and egg products.
Analytical composition:
Protein– 22,3 %; 
Fat– 4,4 %; 
Fiber– 7,2 %; 
Ash– 12,2 %; 
Ash, insoluble in HCl– 6,6 %; 
Sodium– 1,2 %; 
Potassium– 0,6 %; 
Excipients per 1 kg: Bentonite-montmorillonite - 40, 0 mg.

To eliminate acute disorders of intestinal absorption (diarrhea) and promote the withdrawal of the trichobezoar from the digestive canal in cats and dogs.


The presented package image matches the product design registered with the Ukrainian regulatory authorities.

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