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Active substance: procaine


How supplied: Solution for injection

Dosage form
Solution for injection 5 ml №10.

Active ingredient
100 ml of the medicinal product contain the following active ingredient: novocaine 0.5 g.

For local anesthesia of animals in non-communicable diseases of the abdominal cavity (stomach ulcer, atony of the ruminal tympany, colic, mechanical intestinal obstruction, traumatic peritonitis, reticuloperinonitis) and for blockade of the abdominal nerves; in respiratory diseases (pneumonia, catarrhal pneumonia, pulmonary oedema and hyperaemia); in ophthalmology against keratitis, keratoconjunctivitis, recurrent eye inflammation in horses (suborbital block); prolapse of the uterus and vagina, retention of placenta, mastitis. Also for the prevention and treatment of animals in rheumatoid laminitis, diseases of the joints of rheumatic origin, granulating wounds, ulcers, fistulas, myositis; as desensitizing and antitoxic agent in anaphylaxis, asthma, purpura hemorrhagica in horses (intravenous injection), as a solvent of penicillin and other antibiotics for the purpose of extension of their effect.

The presented package image matches the product design registered with the Ukrainian regulatory authorities.

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