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Active substance: comb drug

How supplied: Ointment

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Dosage form
Ointment 15 g.

Active ingredient
1 g contains: betamethasone dipropionate - 0.064 mg; clotrimazole – 10 mg; gentamicin (in the form of gentamicin sulfate) – 1.0 mg.

For the treatment of dogs and cats in the dermatosis with severe allergic, inflammatory reaction, itching, erythema, edema, infiltration of fluid, complicated by secondary bacterial infection; fungal diseases of the skin: tinea caused by Microsporum canis, Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, candidiasis caused by Candida albicans, Candida parapsilosis, defeat yeast Malassezia furtur.

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