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Active substance: piracetam

ATC: N06BX03

How supplied: Tablets

Dosage form
Tablets №60.

Active ingredient
1 tablet contains 0.2 g of piracetam.

Neurology: vascular parkinsonism, other disorders with signs of chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, disturbances of memory, attention, and speech, dizziness. Diseases of the nervous system with poor intellectual-mnestic performance and dysfunction of the emotional-conative sphere.
Psychiatry: neurotic and asthenodynamic depressive conditions with predominant signs of adynamia, asthenia, cenesto-hypochondriacal disorders, ideational retardation, torpid apathetic defective conditions, schizophrenia, psycho-organic syndromes of various origin, senile and atrophic processes, combined therapy of mental disorders. Combined therapy of senile dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Pediatrics:cerebrostenic and encephalopathic disorders, disturbances of memory, intellectual insufficiency. In patients withchronic alcoholism the medication is used to diminish the signs of asthenia, intellectual-mnestic and other disorders of mental performance.Combined therapy of myocardial infarction and neuroinfection.



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