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Active substance: сomb drug


How supplied: Oral solution

Dosage form
Oral solution.

Active ingredients
1 ml of solution contains: Sedavit® liquid extract (extractant: ethanol 35% v/v) (1:4.5) from a mixture of herbal raw materials: valerian rhizomes with roots, hawthorn fruit, hypericum herb, peppermint leaves, hop cones – 0.94 ml; pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) – 0.6 mg; nicotinamide (vitamin PP) – 3 mg.

A state of constant psychical tension (manager’s syndrome); neurasthenia and neurasthenic reactions accompanied by irritability, anxiety, fear, fatigue, inattention, memory impairment, mental exhaustion; hypertensive and cardiac type of neurocirculatory dystonia; hypersthenic form of asthenic syndrome; I stage of arterial hypertension; insomnia (mild forms); itching dermatoses (eczema, urticaria); headache caused by nervous tension; migraine; as symptomatic remedy for climacteric syndrome and mild forms of dysmenorrhea; and also for treating symptoms, that occur in diseases of the thyroid gland and diabetes mellitus (except uncompensated diabetes mellitus).


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