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Active substance: Chlorhexidine, combinations

ATC: D08AC52

How supplied: Cream

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Dosage form

Active ingredient
1 g of cream contains dexpanthenol in terms of 100% of the substance – 50 mg, chlorhexidine bigluconate 20% solution in terms of 20% of the solution – 38,8 mg.

Superficial skin lesions of any origin, in which there is a risk of infection: scratches, cuts, cracked of skin, burns, ulcers, dermatitis.
Chronic skin lesions, such as trophic ulcers of feet and bedsores. Infections of skin, such as secondary-infected eczema and neurodermatitis.
Cracks of nipples in women who are breastfeeding.
Minimally invasive surgery: injuries and surgical wounds.


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