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What you should know Programme

People suffer from diseases, because public awareness about those and methods for their prevention is low. What You Should Know Programme is designed to raise awareness about common medical conditions and diseases. We focus on information campaigns aimed at healthcare professionals and patients. As a part of the programme, we distribute information aids, host educational events and workshops, and develop apps for social networks.

Cardiovascular diseases are the most widespread mortality factor across the world. Almost 17 million of people die from heart and vascular diseases every year. In Ukraine, 22 million of people daily face these. Learn more about how to minimize risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What You Should Know about Cardiac Angina
(download manual)

What You Should Know about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
(download manual)

How to Do Closed-Chest Cardiac Massage
(download leaflet)

What You Should Know about Arterial Hypertension
(download manual)


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