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What you should know about atrial fibrillation brochure now available

What you should know about atrial fibrillation brochure now available

28 January 2019 | News

Arterium Corporation has presented a brochure under the title What You Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation. The publication is a part of What You Should Know the company’s educational initiative launched to inform patients in a professional and popular manner about cardiac diseases, their causes, and prevention measures. According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Healthcare, over 300,000 cases of atrial fibrillation is registered in the country annually, with women and elderly people being at high risk. What You Should Know About Atrial Fibrillation contains structured information about the condition’s causes, main symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, as well as advice on how to avoid complications. The brochure draws on the latest atrial fibrillation management guidelines effective in Europe, as well as the diagnosis and treatment standards of the Ukrainian Association of Cardiology. “Hopefully, the brochure will help those who encounter this problem. To stay healthy for the rest of one’s life, it is crucial to get a better understanding of the doctor’s recommendations,” the brochure author Dmitriy Korkishko said.

The brochure is not a self-diagnosis or self-treatment guide, but rather an informational publication intended to raise awareness about atrial fibrillation among a broad audience of patients. It is available for download free-of-charge here.


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