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Legkolax – laxative for adults and children

Legkolax – laxative for adults and children

6 April 2017 | News

Arterium Corporation has launched a new product – Legkolax. The drug available in the form of oral powder is intended for the symptomatic treatment of constipation.

The active ingredient of Legkolax is macrogol 4000 molecule, the efficiency and safety of which have been proven by over 200 clinical trials conducted globally1. Legkolax can be used in adults as well as children of 6 months and over.

Constipation is a symptom many diseases. Literature sources indicate that about 12% of the adult population suffers from constipation and women experience it 3 times as often as men2. When consumed, Legkolax increases water retention in the intestinal lumen thereby contributing to a natural renewal of defecation urge, also improving bowel evacuation. Legkolax is neither absorbed nor metabolized – it is excreted from the body in an unchanged form. The preparation has minimal side-effects as compared to other laxatives – it does not irritate intestinal receptors and induces no bloating. Besides, its prolonged use does not lead to diarrhoea or intestinal atony.3,4,5 In addition, unlike most laxatives taken dissolved in water, Legkolax has a neutral taste.

The product is available in two dosages – 4 g and 10 g of active ingredient in 10 sachets per a package. Legkolax hits the shelves of Ukrainian pharmacies in April.


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