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Galychpharm's tablet production certified GMP-compliant

Galychpharm's tablet production certified GMP-compliant

12 October 2017 | News

Arterium Corporation's Galychpharm has obtained a GMP certificate for its tablet production. The certification was performed by the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control. Galychpharm's tabletting and packing facility had been overhauled prior to the inspection. The overhaul included a variety of repairs and installation of over 14 pieces of GMP-compliant new equipment. Among the latter were dedusting-enabled tablet presses with integrated metal detectors, new mixers, reactors, a tablet coating machine, a dryer, a granulator, a new disinfectant dispenser system, etc. Alongside the reconstruction, the employees involved in production underwent training. Galychpharm's tabletting and packing facility produces medicinal products well-known to consumers and healthcare professionals, among which are Mucaltin, Streptocide, Asparcam, Piracetam, Nicergolin, Thioprotectin, and Envire. The certificate is to prove that drugs are produced and undergo control in full compliance with applicable quality standards and serve their purpose.


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