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Arterium launches website for animal health product Envire

Arterium launches website for animal health product Envire

19 April 2017 | News

In April, a dedicated website was launched for veterinary drug Envire – There, visitors can find out how to safeguard themselves from parasitic diseases that can be contracted from pets. “Kids are the most vulnerable to helminthiasis (infection by a helminth). To protect them and other family members, one must observe a variety of pet hygiene and care rules. You can find these on the website,” Arterium’s Head of Veterinary Drug Development Zoia Cherkas commented.

In addition to pet hygiene and care rules, Envire website has the information about the types of helminths encountered in animals and their danger to human health, as well as testimonials from veterinaries and professional fanciers. Under Envire brand, Arterium sells medications of two types: for dogs and for cats, puppies, and small dog breeds. The website also informs pet owners about the drug's effects, benefits of its use, and where to buy it.

Visit Envire website.

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