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Arterium Corporation's Urofoscin now in pharmacies

Arterium Corporation's Urofoscin now in pharmacies

14 March 2017 | News

Arterium Corporation* has expanded its product portfolio with a new antibacterial medication – Urofoscin.

An antibacterial uroseptic, this drug is used in the treatment of bacterial urinary tract infections (UTIs) and acute cystitis specifically. The latter is a very common disease, especially in women, who are predisposed in view of certain anatomical features. In 90% of cases, the infection is caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria, which, having invaded the sterile environment of the bladder, attach to its wall and start multiplying, causing unpleasant symptoms: frequent and/or painful urination, flank pain, etc. Symptoms of cystitis are often so severe that they can't be ignored. Urofoscin is a quick and efficient solution to the problem. Effects of the drug manifest three hours after administration, the therapeutic effect lasting for two days. In the case of an acute form, one foil pouch of the product is enough for a treatment course. Fast onset of action and efficiency of Urofoscin are due to its two properties: antibacterial, which kills E. coli, and anti-adhesive, which prevents pathogen microflora from attaching to the excretory tract walls.

Urofoscin is available in Ukrainian pharmacies starting February 2017.

*Arterium Corporation – Arterium Corporation itself and its parts OJSC Kievmedpreparat and OJSC Galychpharm. This information is intended for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only and shall be used only in relevant professional activities. The data given here is abridged. For full information about the medicinal product, refer to its instructions for medical use. This website is a specialised publication intended for medical and pharmaceutical personnel only.

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