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Arterium Corporation presents new original products for ENT organ treatment

Arterium Corporation presents new original products for ENT organ treatment

26 April 2019 | News

In April, Arterium Corporation presented two new original products for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) – Narivent and Rinogermina, both nasal sprays. These are not drugs in and of themselves, because they exhibit no systemic effect on the organism, are not metabolized and are therefore devoid of side-effects characteristic of most vasoconstrictive or hormonal nasal sprays. Rather, they are healthcare products with mechanical action.

Narivent spray has anti-oedemic and anti-inflammatory effect. Its two active components are working in tandem to de-congest nasal passages quickly and effectively: mannitol absorbs swelling without affecting vascular tone; and glycyrrhizin blocks the protein that triggers inflammation in the human body. Narivent has no negative effects on the nasal mucous membrane and the body overall. Therefore, it is suitable for infants and the patients having to rely on nasal sprays for extended periods (e.g. in the case of allergic or other types of rhinitis).

Rinogermina is a nasal spray that creates a biological barrier against pathogenic microorganisms on the nasal mucous membrane. Nasal mucous membrane is the first thing that comes into contact with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. However, the protective properties of this natural barrier may be impaired by weakened immune system, smoking, antibiotic therapy, or application of topical antiseptics. Rinogermina contains two strains of living bacteria, which oust the pathogens already present on the mucous membrane and prevent new ones from making their way thereto. This spray helps restore normal protective properties of the nasal mucous membrane thereby helping reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract diseases and speed up recovery. “Doctors worldwide increasingly seek new ways of ENT treatment as an alternative to the traditional drugs. Narivent and Rinogermina are brand new solutions for URTI treatment,” said Arterium Corporation’s Director for Antimicrobial Drug Development Maxim Verbilov. “We are excited to offer Ukrainian patients these original products that have proved to be a success in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and other EU countries, as well as in Turkey and Lebanon.”

Both products are supplied by D.M.G. Italy, an Italian pharmaceutical producer. Arterium Corporation will be the first and the only company to offer them in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.


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