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The on-line system of search for analogue medicinal products registered* in Ukraine provides an opportunity to learn which drugs contain one and the same active substance (chemical compound or unique biological substance as a component of the drug, which physiological effect on humans is associated with the therapeutic properties of this drug). The list of registered (re-registered) medicinal products is presented by the “State Expert Center” of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and used by its authority.

How to use the on-line analogue search system?

....Step 1....
Enter the name of the drug
The system will determine the active substance of the drug
....Step 2....
Review the list of drugs with the analogue active substance
The system will also determine the country, manufacturer’s name and dosage form of the drug
....Step 3....
Select the required analogue drug
Compare prices at pharmacies, refer to the manufacturer’s quality assurance system, consult your doctor and make your choice

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The information on this website is presented for reference only and must not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment; this information may not serve as a substitute of professional medical consultation. This information is for indicative purposes only and can’t be a single basis for making conclusions regarding equivalency of any medicinal products with no doctor’s and/or pharmacist’s advise. Prior to using medicinal product, you should contact a physician and read the instruction carefully.

We cannot guarantee that all information used for the search of a drug by active substance contains no errors.

The user agrees that he/she uses the search on his/her own initiative.

The website administration disclaims any responsibility for a possible damage caused to your health by self-treatment without any prior professional medical consultation.


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